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We take pride in delivering a bespoke and comprehensive service to assist with relocation in London, to our private and corporate clients, within UK or from abroad.  We are fully aware of challenges and constantly work towards resolving issues involved with moving to London and moving to the UK.

A relocation process does not have to be stressful in particular for those individuals with high levels of work commitment and families to manage during the move.

Our business ethos as a relocation agency is reflected by the quality and value of our work performed with honesty and integrity.  We work closely with estate agents in London and environs, however, we hold no business commitment with third parties such as removal companies or estate agents . This gives us flexibility to conduct personalised, attentive and wide-ranging property searches tailored to each client’s budget, needs and taste.

Moving to London and the UK can be complicated and many aspects will require great deal of attention to detail in order to settle in comfortably and quickly into a new home and community, school, work environment and commute.  At Easy Relocation we consult and assist with all the relevant tasks making sure individuals and families can incorporate easily daily lives with new surroundings.

For the purpose of relocation in London we are fully aware and understand the logistics behind a property in London and the UK.  We assist our clients to rent or to buy into good level of standard, and reasonably priced property in London, which for most part is competitive.  We conduct extensive property search and exhaust resources in order to achieve the best possible options.

To learn more about our services and to see what Easy Relocation can do for you, please visit our Blog and join us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and tips on London relocation.

About Us

Easy Relocation is set up and run by Rozi Bani-Ameri.

Rozi has a postgraduate in History of Art from Birkbeck London University and has lived in UK / London since 1976.

Rozi has years of work experience in Banking and Oil & Gas with personal interests in photography and fencing. It is our policy at Easy Relocation to keep...


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